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5 Home Improvement Jobs Best Left to the Experts

You might think you’re a DIY expert, however, with 220,000 of us turning up at hospitals with DIY-related injuries, and the risk of finishing a job sub-standard, sometimes it’s best to leave it to the experts.  Here are five good examples.


5. Wall Papering

Wall papering is one of those tasks everybody thinks they can do themselves.  The reality, however, is that as with most home renovation projects, it’s best left to the experts.  Lining up the edges of wallpaper sheets is easier said than done, particularly when you’re covered in wallpaper paste and have been working for a full day. In contrast, painters and decorators will have years of experience, so they’ll do an expert job.


4. Guttering

This is a job that everybody dreads, but one which every homeowner has to face once in a while.  Unfortunately, it’s a job that’s deceptively challenging, and one which you’d be well-served leaving to the professionals.  Working on a ladder is extremely dangerous, so leaving the job to somebody who does it day-in-day-out is good common sense.


3. Indoor Plumbing

Although this isn’t a job that every person would consider attempting themselves, when an unpleasant smell in your kitchen starts to bother you, you might feel you have no choice but to take out your spanner and have a look at the pipes.  Don’t.  This can lead to more problems than you can solve. If this happens to a professional plumber they will at least know how to make the appropriate repairs efficiently.


2. Garden Hedge Trimming

Do you have unruly garden hedges?  You might think that trimming them yourself will save money, but in reality, the time it takes will cost you more than hiring somebody once a year to do it for you.  A professional gardener is likely to be an expert in hedge sculpting, making light work of what has the potential to be back-breaking work.


1. Moving House

This is the ultimate home project, and one which many people attempt to accomplish without any external help.  However, as with all of the above, saving money comes at the cost of your own time and energy.  On a moving day, the last thing you want is extra pressure.  Moreover, a company like The Yellow Van Company can provide you with an efficient, professional removal service which will save you a lot of hassle.



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