A Stylish Way to Create More Bedroom Space

Most teenagers have been asked to tidy their bedroom at one time or another. There may be a valid excuse if the room is small with little space to move in. That needs discipline to put everything away and consign dirty clothes to the laundry basket immediately. There is never a total solution if the teenager is inclined to a little laziness, but often there is another solution that will help out.

Space waiting to be found

Someone with a small bedroom may have little more than what is commonly referred to as ‘a box room’ which can contain little more than the bed and a wardrobe. If there is a sloping ceiling the best way to make more room is to utilize the space below the slope. With a little imagination it can be done and ‘overnight’ there is room to breathe. The onus is then on the occupant; one excuse has gone.

There are specialist companies that deal with kitchen or bathroom design as people look to modernise their homes. There are also specialists who can look at the bedrooms in a house and provide 3D images of what can be done to not only create more space but also brighten up the appearance.

Hammondsspace fitted sliding door wardrobes are a case in point. They can be placed within a recess or fitted into an area under a sloping ceiling so that there is a clear floor area. A free standing wardrobe is no longer required and instantly the room is transformed.

Varying answers

Bedrooms can be untidy because of laziness or a lack of space. These are two different problems. The first is a human issue and the solution might be as a result or persuasion or instruction. When it comes to space, that will depend on the individual circumstances.

A quality online company that specialists in bedrooms is likely to offer a service to look at a home, think about alternatives, provide 3D images of what changes can be made, and the costs involved. Some of the costs will be dependent on the materials used in the agreed solution.

How to search

Anyone putting a fairly specific phrase into an internet search engine such as Google or Yahoo will get a fairly focused response and can take it from there. An ideal company is one with a good choice and a full explanation of the process from quotation to delivery and fitting. Everything will have to be purpose built; it will not come off-the-shelf but if the company can give a firm idea of how long things will take that is suffice.

If the company can back up its service with the chance of asking questions, getting a proposal without obligation and can demonstrate a database of happy clients, then the search is over.

Whether the exercise is part of a complete overhaul of a house or specific to creating more space in bedrooms the effort will be worthwhile.

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