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    Defining French Style in Interior Design

    French style furniture has long been a desirable accessory for the home, with its elegant connotations, quality craftsmanship and luxury feel. But the term ‘French’ can refer to two quite distinct furniture styles; read on to find out how to recognize them. Many people use the umbrella term ‘French style’ to denote one particular type of furniture or home decor, when France is a country with a long and celebrated history of different design and artistic periods. However, in most cases, there are two styles that are used to inspire interior decoration today: Country or Provincial French, which has a charming, rustic look and Luxury French, which is often about…

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    Interior Decor Touches Inspired By Canada

    ARTICLE SUMMARY It is not hard to style your home the Canadian way. Think bold, think outdoors, think sophisticated but rustic. Canadian designers have a way that is all their own. We have rounded up a few choice ideas for you to choose from. Canadian Inspired Styles In 2013, the Canadians are embracing colour and pattern in much the same way the rest of the world has fallen in love with the bold and striking designs that are found in modern home decor. Some ideas are global and others have a special locality about them. Colours lean towards classic, slightly old-fashioned shades with hues in violet and cobalt blue standing…

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    Interior Decor Trends 2013

    Trends keep changing as the preferences and desires of people also keep changing. The same holds true for trends in interior design and this year is no exception to it. The interior design trends change every year according to the new technology, innovative ideas and new materials incorporating the old traditions with the contemporary life styles. This year interior designers have implemented a less formal look to interior spaces, experimenting with new materials, implementing bold colors and designs that offer functionality with a touch of freshness. The following are the exciting interior design trends for the year 2013: 1. Brass: Brass has made a come-back this year. Watch out for…

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    Importance of French Style Furniture in Home Decoration

    Every homeowner wants his home to be decorative. Some of them want the home to be highly decorative whilst others prefer mild decoration that appeals to a more sensible beholder. A homeowner can do either of two things. He can outsource the home decoration work to an expert or an agency. Or he can do everything by himself. Whatever he does, there are few important things that he needs to keep in mind. It’s better to treat those as tips because by following them, he can decorate his home in the most appealing way. Mostly, if service from a third party interior decoration agency is taken, a significantly high amount…

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    Eco-friendly Interior Design Ideas for Girls

      Designing a feminine and eco-friendly home seems like an impossible juxtaposition. In many cases, eco-friendly designs lean toward masculine styles. Sharp angles, natural textures, and neutral colors are good for the environment, but they do not evoke romantic feelings or feel girly in any way. If you want to maintain a girly space without sacrificing eco-friendly style, try out some of the ideas below: