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Eco-friendly Interior Design Ideas for Girls


Designing a feminine and eco-friendly home seems like an impossible juxtaposition. In many cases, eco-friendly designs lean toward masculine styles. Sharp angles, natural textures, and neutral colors are good for the environment, but they do not evoke romantic feelings or feel girly in any way. If you want to maintain a girly space without sacrificing eco-friendly style, try out some of the ideas below:

Save energy with appliances and lighting

No matter what design style you choose for your flat, one of the biggest ways to stay eco-friendly is through lighting and appliances. Try to choose eco-friendly appliances that minimize water and electricity use. Switch to energy-efficient bulbs. For lamps, choose feminine shapes or colors, such as floral patterns, pastel colors, and lace. You can also choose appliances in brighter colors, rather than the standard black and white appliances in many homes.

Explore minimalism

Small spaces are often hard to design because it is difficult to find furniture and decorative elements that work in small spaces. Minimalist style will not only make the most of a smaller space, but it is also eco-friendly as well. Visit organization stores and small-space decorative stores for inspiration. In general, choose multi-purpose items that can perform multiple functions.

Decorate with modern style furniture

In an attempt to achieve a girly feel in a room, the tendency is to go all out, which can cause the room to look like a little girl’s room or a grandmother’s house. Avoid this by using modern-style furniture in the home. Contrast girly decorative elements with strong furniture pieces, like chairs made from metal or Lucite or hard textures like bamboo or ceramic. Choose eco-friendly furniture made from sustainable materials or reclaimed materials to keep your home earth-friendly.

Accent with feminine touches

Add in feminine elements through small decorative elements. Floral pillows, lace curtains, soft rugs, and girly colors can all bring a feminine vibe to any home. If you choose to paint, use paints with low or no VOCs to keep your home earth-friendly. When possible, stay away from synthetic materials like plastic and polyester. You don’t have to use all lace or pink to make a space girly. Experiment with colors and textures that you love. The space will naturally take on the girly personality that you have.

Avoid hazardous materials

When possible, try to steer clear of environmentally-hazardous materials in your home. Natural materials are the best way to keep your home eco-friendly. Reclaimed and repurposed materials and furniture will keep your home sustainable and reduce your impact on the earth. Stay away from any products with harmful emissions or materials so your home will remain fresh and earth-friendly year-round.

Designing a girly, yet eco-friendly, home may seem impossible, but that is not the case. Girly style can be equally as environmentally friendly as more masculine styles. All it takes is a little mixing of textures, patterns, colors, and design elements. If you implement these design tips, your home will look fresh as a daisy and be earth-friendly in no time.

This is a guest post by freelance writer Claire Wilson. Claire is currently writing for if you are furnishing your room check out their ottomans from Cost Plus and other pieces of great girly furniture.

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