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Giving Your Home a New Lease on Life

While a new decorating job can certainly perk up your home, focusing on the durable items that remain in place no matter what color the paint is or whether you have modern or traditional furnishings can make more difference than you imagine. This of course refers to things like doors, windows and other items you take for granted every day.


Contractor grade flat slab interior doors, while certainly doing their job, add very little to the style and appeal of your home. Choose four or six panel doors or quaint cottage-style doors with curved panels. Doors may possibly be replaced just by removing hinge pins and hanging the new door, but best results come from buying pre-hung doors, which include the framing. This can ensure a better result overall. This is just one of the home improvement projects League City handymen are worth their weight in gold for.


Like interior doors, windows can change the style of your home for the better and they also affect the exterior appearance. If you are prone to feeling a breeze through a closed window on blustery days or feel the chill coming in during cold months, then new windows are definitely called for. The same goes for windows that allow too much noise to come through. Current window styles feature glazed or multi-pane windows created specifically for thermal retention and noise reduction purposes.

Stairs and Railings

A tired old staircase is one of those things your can just become used to and take for granted, squeaks and all. Taking the time to screw or glue down the creaky boards can remove an irritation you may not even realize you have. Refinishing the stairs can emphasize them and make them a focal point of the all or entry, especially if they were formerly carpeted. Pay attention to the railings as well. Stripping and staining a beautiful hand rail adds beauty and warmth to the space as well.

Rain Gutters

A sagging rain gutter can be very unsightly, and having none at all can create problems with your soffits. Rain gutters come in a wide variety of color and a few different materials. The real consideration it the function. Make sure they are fastened closely against the eaves and that they slope gradually downward to a downspout area, away from sensitive plantings.

These improvements are of the lasting kind – those things that will bring enjoyment and value for years to come. Your home can feel fresh and new-to-you again by making just a few of these minor changes.


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