How to Choose the Right Luxury Furniture

The home is where we spend most of our free time, and for that reason, making it a place you love to come back to is essential. Adding some affordable luxury items to the dining, living or bedroom can truly add some character you’ve been looking for. With that in mind, here are some helpful tips for choosing the right luxury furniture.



It’s all well and good having the same furniture as everyone living on your street, but you want to pick pieces that stand out from the rest and are the talking pieces of the room. Designer furniture tends to offer shapes, materials and colour unlike most furniture stores, so find something you love that offers genuine individuality.


A Balance of Aesthetics and Function

Finding the balance is something to always be wary about. Designer sofa’s & furniture can offer beautiful pieces but if it’s not going to offer function, it’s not really the ideal furniture. Whether it’s a bookcase that doesn’t hold enough books or a sofa that isn’t comfortable to sit on, a pro tip is to shop in a store that allows you to try before you buy, or offers reasonable returns. This happens too often with armchairs, while they look amazing in the store, they don’t offer a level of comfort that you want from something that you would sit in for a relaxing evening at home.


Consider Your Theme

As the saying goes, you can use a luxury piece of furniture to ‘complete’ a room. Using the luxury furniture as the centrepiece helps to add an overall luxe feel to the room. It works best when you keep the luxury furniture to the room’s theme. Whether it’s by style, shape or colour, keeping the theme rolling highlights the luxury in all the furniture in the room.


Shop for Affordable Luxury

Luxury doesn’t have to include a hefty price tag. It comes from the style and quality of the design, and this can be found in many different ways. Searching charity stores, discount furniture shops and luxury sofa stores can help find discounted furniture that offers a unique style that will match your room perfectly. With vintage being a current trend, upcycling other peoples old furniture and putting some elbow grease into revitalising an ages item can at times give you the luxury finish you were looking for (without the price tag).


If you find the ideal piece in a store, having a look into how you could restore it will encourage you to upcycle. It’s much easier then you think to varnish, paint or sand something to give it back its premium feel.


Final Thoughts

Luxury is just a case on opinion, some might find that spending more gives them luxury and others might focus more on the quality or style. The key is to find a piece of furniture you love more than the rest, something that stands out in the room and adds extra character. Something central like a sofa, table or a large such as a bookcase is a perfect example of how you can incorporate this into a living room.

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