Interior Decor Touches Inspired By Canada

It is not hard to style your home the Canadian way. Think bold, think outdoors, think sophisticated but rustic. Canadian designers have a way that is all their own. We have rounded up a few choice ideas for you to choose from.

Canadian Inspired Styles
In 2013, the Canadians are embracing colour and pattern in much the same way the rest of the world has fallen in love with the bold and striking designs that are found in modern home decor. Some ideas are global and others have a special locality about them.

Colours lean towards classic, slightly old-fashioned shades with hues in violet and cobalt blue standing out against a rainbow of otherwise bright primary colours. For those who like their colours a little more understated, champagne continues to be incredibly popular. On the other end of the scale, delicious pinks and sumptuous greens also play their part in more avant-garde interiors. In short, the modern style ranges across the generations finding expression in texture and styling as much as in any one particular colour scheme.

Canadian Inspired Motifs
Outdoor themed motifs are popular ddcor devices and throughout the house work well in combination with dramatic lighting effects whether you choose table lamps in the living room or bathroom ceiling lights in the smallest room.

The outdoor and exotic theme continues with a resurgence of the Art Deco style, made popular once again with the release of films such as The Great Gatsby. Rich golds and silvers placed alongside ebony and zebrawood accessories look stunning, especially when coupled with geometrically patterned textiles such as chevrons. The zig zag chevron pattern is appearing on many interior ddcor accessories such as wallpapers and furniture upholstery, right through to bedroom accessories and bed linen.

Canadian Inspired Accessories
The accessories you choose to put in the home play as large a part as anything else in determining its style and overall atmosphere.

Red and white are the colours of Canada and no Canadian decor would be complete without some expression of these colours. Incorporate them with simple initial motifs on scatter cushions or bed pillows, or even on towels in the bathroom. Bringing nature into the home in the form of wall art allows you to incorporate rich colours, with popular themes being taken from woodland or wildlife scenes. Displaying art on the walls is also a neat way of introducing accent colours into any decor, but choosing scenes from Canada’s landscape of rich and rustic colours perfectly melds with the modern taste in home decor colour schemes.

When adopting a Canadian themed style for your home, no room need escape the Canada treatment, including the bathroom. Bring yours to life with Canadian colours and create a cosy romantic atmosphere at the same time by introducing pretty red-and-white lanterns with candles. Set on a windowsill or arranged around the side of the tub, a romantic lighting atmosphere is created for long and leisurely bubble baths, especially if they are used alongside dimmable lights.

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