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Interior Decor Trends 2013

Trends keep changing as the preferences and desires of people also keep changing. The same holds true for trends in interior design and this year is no exception to it. The interior design trends change every year according to the new technology, innovative ideas and new materials incorporating the old traditions with the contemporary life styles. This year interior designers have implemented a less formal look to interior spaces, experimenting with new materials, implementing bold colors and designs that offer functionality with a touch of freshness.

The following are the exciting interior design trends for the year 2013:

1. Brass: Brass has made a come-back this year. Watch out for the re-emergence of brass as the choicest metal. You can implement brass minimally to add a bit of spice to your space without taking you back in time. Show up in small doses in accessories, frames, trays, lamps and accent tables. It gives warmth to an interior and renders a classically elegant look.
2. Bold colors and patterns: This year bold, stand-out colors and patterns are back with a bang. Color clashing is the hottest trend and primary colors are not just meant for the children’s bedroom. Bold, funky and geometric patterns are also in vogue this year. It is also predicted that green is a big color this year, mainly emerald and jaded green. Pantone is also projected as the most influential color of this year. Bold colors on a neutral background looked amazing. This year our homes will be full of brighter, more saturated hues.
3. Light and slim furniture: The furniture is less bulky and functional keeping in mind the modern home. Minimalist designs with lot of clean lines, restrained embellishments and simple designs of furniture are the latest trend. People are no longer interested in bulky furniture and they have moved on to lighter versions of furniture.
4. Floral patterns and stripes: Dainty floral patterns and retro stripes that give a vintage feel are also back in style. You can implement them in fabric covers, wall papers, wall paintings, graphic arts, shower curtains, carpets, upholstery and bedspreads. Employing stripes in an elegant manner inspires vibrant living and energy.
5. Wooden blinds: Wood is making a comeback in decorative hardware. Wooden blinds are the hot, current trend in window coverings. Exposed wood grain in blinds and natural woven shades are the popular choices this year. The woven shades come in different colors of wood including grassy woven accents.
6. Fabrics and textures: Make sure to mix up textures and animal skin imitations as they are the major trend this year. Implement sheep skin, cashmere, wool and linen to transform any room with minimal effort. Exquisite and opulent fabrics and textures are a great way to ensure a luxurious feel to your rooms. Fabrics and finishes should be all touchable. Hence textures with warmth and depth are preferred this year.
7. Embroidery and knitting: From various storage baskets to colorful carpets embroidery and knitting is the major trend. Large scale knits and macramé fiber art are weaving through 2013’s interior decoration in creative reinterpretations.

Styles change and each year new interior design trends emerge on the scene. Spruce up your homes this year by incorporating any of the above trends in interior designing to your home décor. Get set to get the latest looks this year without blowing your budget also.

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