LED Rope Lighting: Things You May Need To Consider Before You Buy

For those people who have organised a function, party, or charity event, then you probably know that one of the most important aspects is lighting. The trouble is that lighting can be expensive, time consuming to install and tricky to get right. This is where rope lights come in. LED rope lights provide a simple but effective solution to your lighting needs. They’re incredibly versatile, practical and make it easy to create a professional looking display. This means no time is spent rewiring, there’s no cutting and splicing, and no putting up fixtures and fittings. Here are a few things that that you might want to consider before buying.

Estimating the Length

As you may already know, LED rope lighting comes in length and as a general rule of thumb, the longer the length, the more you’ll pay. Whilst it’s true that the tubing can be cut and spliced together, it then creates a time consuming problem and is obviously not the ideal solution. Therefore be sure to know roughly how much length you’ll need and purchase accordingly.

What Do You Want Them to Do?

LED rope lights can have a selection of effects depending upon how many wires are connected. For instance, a two-wire rope will operate the bulbs in unison with both a dimming and flashing effect. However three-wire rope lights can also give off a chase-effect and a whole host of other special effects. For those who really want to push the boat out and go for a dramatic effect then you can also buy an external controller. Clearly the function of your lighting (or how much you want them to do) is going to affect the price. For your lighting installation ask a help to our electricians, visit

Cost VS Practicality

LED rope lighting will cost you more than standard rope lighting, but remember, if you purchase a good set of LEDs then you are paying for something that is strong, weatherproof (so they can be used inside and out) and built to last. You can get rope lighting online from somewhere like Bright Lightz and rest in the knowledge that this type of lighting is also safer to use because LEDs don’t get hot like normal bulbs and as a result, are cooler to touch and won’t overheat.

Whatever you decide, you can have great fun with LED rope lighting. So whether you’re decorating your home for Christmas or jazzing-up a venue for an upcoming event, then LED rope lighting is perfect.


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