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Moving Day Checklist

Here are a few things you can do in preparation to make the day you move as easy as possible. If your budget allows, working with a well reviewed moving company is the easiest route.

Door stoppers, and protective tools, like plastic wrap, bubble wrap and furniture pads can make moving day a lot easier and protect your furniture, both your old and new homes and your stuff. In the case that the movers don’t bring their own materials, having these on hand will offer peace of mind and make moving day easier.

Keep a few extra boxes on hand, for the last minute items you either forgot or will need to keep out until the very end. Make sure not to just throw all the last-minute things in boxes, instead keep some semblance of organization, even if the last boxes aren’t full. A stressful and unorganized unpacking experience is probably the last thing you want or need at this point. To make it even easier, keep clear tubs on hand, so you can see where things are. If you don’t need them, stack them and you’re ready to go.

Set aside the fragile items or boxes that you know the movers need to be extra careful with, it’ll make the process of loading (and later unloading) the moving van quicker and easier.

Figure out what you’ll need right away when you get to the new house. Have a few days’ worth of clothes and pajamas ready, along with toiletries and utensils. Not having a toothbrush or utensils for when you order take-out on the first night could be equally disastrous. Make sure to have a couple chargers around, too.

Keep out anything you’ll need at the last minute, but plan ahead so you’ll be able to pack them. Extra packing tape, scissors, markers, cleaning wipes, a broom, and anything else you’ll need for the last bit of the packing process can help ensure you leave a clean house, and aren’t stressing about how to clean up after yourself.

Clean out the refrigerator, freezer, washing machine and dryer before you go, unless you’re taking them with you. Leave them open to air out, and perhaps, in the freezer’s case, defrost. It’s likely easier to clean when your hand won’t freeze wiping down the shelves.

Keep some snacks and drinks around, both for you and the moving people. Moving day is a busy day and forgetting to eat won’t help at all. Snacks will offer an excuse for a break and also keep blood sugar up, making sure no one gets grouchy or grumpy. Keep them central, and be sure to offer to everyone.

After the moving van is packed and your house is empty, there are still a few things to keep in mind.

Coordinate with your moving people. Get their phone numbers, their plan and their schedule, so you know when to expect them at the new house. If you’re using more than one moving company (shipping cars or a piano?) make sure to have a way to organize all the info.

Don’t forget your box of the necessities for the first week. Before the moving truck pulls away, double check that it’s stayed separate.

Do one last sweep of the house, making sure drawers, closets and cabinets are empty. Pick up those track bags you had tucked in corners, making sure you leave a clean house.

Pulling away from the house the last time might be bittersweet, but a fresh start in a new home will bring a fresh start, and a chance to make a new home out of a new house.

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