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Start a New Trend and Raise Value with Home Improvements

Whether you intend to sell your home, or simply improve it for your own personal comfort, there are some smart new ideas out there. Conservatories are hardly a new concept, but the latest incarnation is one worth serious though. Let’s take a look at this new style of conservatory.

Traditional Home Improvements

Building work that improves your home is a solid way to increase its value if you are looking to sell up. While increasing the size of a house is the safest way to increase value, an actual extension can often be incredibly expensive and building work of that nature is often prone to running over budget or taking longer to complete than first stated. A step down from this would be something like a loft or garage conversion. These ideas are OK and would add value, but you face similar issues as a full-on extension, though to a slightly smaller degree.

Why choose a Conservatory?

Conservatories have always been a decent option for adding another room to your home without major structural work being needed. They have gone in and out of fashion though, making people wary of spending their home-improvement money on them. A new style has popped up recently though that is getting the thumbs-up from everyone. These new types are somewhere between a classic conservatory and a garden veranda. There will be an extra room built out into your garden, but also an additional area extending beyond that, with roof coverage but no walls, giving you an area of your garden that can be enjoyed all year around. The particular designs vary a great deal, but this two-in-one feature is proving very popular.

Multi-purpose Extra Space

The beauty of these conservatories is that they can be tailored to your needs exactly. You can decide what style of roofing to use, which will dictate the average temperature and sunlight levels. You can choose flooring throughout, perhaps wooden inside and stone tiles for the veranda. This means that if you intend to sell your home, the conservatory you have chosen is versatile enough for anyone. You can keep the doors closed and use it as a safe playroom for the kids, or it can be opened up and used as the perfect spot for dinner parties that turn into long, hot summer evenings. The temperature controls mean that it will be cool and pleasant when the sun is burning down, yet it will hold the warmth into the evenings.

The Best of Both

Veranda conservatories are as close to a “dead cert” as you will find. The amount of floor space in your home will be increased, while the garden area becomes an actual part of the living space, rather than a separate entity. The versatility of the veranda space is a great selling point and the quality of new builds are often guaranteed for years. Forget spending two years building a third bedroom, or six months crawling around in the loft trying to make space for an office. This is the best and fastest way to increase the value of your property.


Tony Blanchard writes for a number of websites and blogs on home improvements and building innovation. Covering subjects – veranda conservatories to solar conversions and eco-houses.

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