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The Next Big Thing? – Botanical Home Interiors

With Summer just around the corner and the weather beginning to warm up, it’s only natural that we are looking to bring the outdoors inside. The juxtaposition of calming and vibrant colours that are associated with nature make for the perfect home interior inspiration and really can bring your home to life. Adopting this trend doesn’t mean you have to do a whole home makeover, it can just be a few simple changes that make the difference. Here our my top tips for those of you who want to incorporate a botanical feel into your home:

1. Start with a neutral colour

Light white, creams and beiges make for the perfect background colour and are easy to accent in any which way you like. These colours are also great at reflecting light around a room and making a space much look much bigger and brighter, which is the perfect way to embrace the Summer sunshine.

Neutral paint hues provide an elegant backdrop particularly important when selling a home

2. Choose an accent wallpaper

There are so many wallpaper styles out there with a botanical theme for you to choose from,so do a bit of research, narrow down the colour, type of pattern and image that you like then make your decidion. Remember you can always ask for wallpaper samples to take home with you if you are unsure what will suit your room. Bigger, bolder patterns usually look better on a large space whereas smaller more intricate patterns are well suited to smaller rooms. The pattern below is by Nina Campbell and can be purchased at Robinson and Neal. It is the ideal colour to add a little Summer fun into a room, in particular a bedroom.

Birdcage Walk

3. Accessorise your room

Once you have picked your accent colour to go on the wall, be creative with your additional fittings, this is where you really add your own stamp to interior design. Textures are a great way to add a botanical feel to a room, think about wood and wicker which can really add character but aren’t expensive to purchase. A final point when it comes to accessorising is the obvious, plants, fresh flowers really brighten up a room and not only bring a place to life but also add a splash of colour that can’t be beaten with man made materials.

The botanical theme is one that never goes out of fashion, having fresh flowers and incorporating a little nature into your home will instantly make it feel fresh. Have a play around and don’t be scared to use colour!



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