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Tips For Packing Collectibles

Whether you’re moving or packing your collectibles for shipping, you must take extra special care in order to minimize any chance of damage to your precious collectible. Here are some tips for making the process easier.


Glass collectibles like shot glasses, collectible glassware, pressed glass or cut glass are one of the most difficult types of items to transport. Since many glass items have elements that use thin glass or decoration, they can be challenging to keep safe while being handled. When packing vases or any item that has space inside, it is critical to stuff the interior with something to minimize the shock from any movement. You can stuff the interior with items like fabric, tissue paper or even packing peanuts. Next, you need to wrap the item with something, typically bubble wrap or a fabric, making sure to take special care when wrapping any handles or decoration that may be on the outside. Lastly, place the wrapped item into a box with a generous amount of packing peanuts or crumpled up newspaper. Place the glass item at least several inches away from the sides of the box for maximum protection.


Similar to glass, you must take special care when handling in pottery in order to not damage it during moving. Place something soft inside the pottery piece first, like newspaper, packing peanuts or crumpled up tissue paper. Then wrap the piece in bubble wrap and place it in a box with more packing peanuts or crumpled up newspaper.


While jewelry is small, it’s not as simple as you might think to pack it properly.  Jewelry is typically very delicate, and collectible jewelry is often especially delicate. You can keep your jewelry safe during shipping or moving by wrapping each piece separately in something soft, like tissue paper or a fabric. The key here is to keep the jewelry from rattling around and getting damaged from movement. You will not only want to wrap up each piece of jewelry , but even with sets of jewelry, like earrings or cufflinks, you’ll want to wrap each of them separately in order to stop them from rubbing against each other, creating small scratches. Then place the items separately into another box for transport.


Packing up paper collectibles, like a stamp collection, autographs, playbills, menus and other ephemera can be tricky. The key here is to pack the paper items with or between something that will keep the items from folding or bending, so use something hard like a plastic notebook or wood board. It’s also critical to keep exposure to any type of moisture to a minimum. For example, if you are moving from an area that is dry to somewhere that is very humid, you need to make sure your paper collectibles will have proper airflow so that the increased humidity doesn’t damage them.Once you have placed your paper items safely between hard materials or boards, you can then place them into a box or bin. Make liberal use of packing peanuts or bubble wrap to allow for airflow between the items in the box.

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