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Tips to Keep Pantry Pests Away

Pantry pests like bugs, weevils, and small beetles are some of the common pests at home. They can quickly get to your pantry without you noticing as they get to the cabinets quickly. These pests can come from stowing away in stored bought items or crawl into the shelves. 


The good news, the pantry pests are not dangerous. They neither bite, sting, nor damage the house. However, they are a nuisance to have around. Moreover, they breed very fast, and within a year, you will find dozens of them when left unattended.


Here are some of the top tips to keep your home free from pantry pests. 


  •         Inspect the kitchen 

The first step towards managing the pantry pests is determining their presence. Take some time to monitor your pantries and ensure they are free from pests. Check all the containers holding the pantries and get rid of any foreign elements.


Remember, cleaning the kitchen pantries is not a one-time event. These pests are sneaky and can get into the pantries without you noticing. So ensure regular inspection to keep your food free from infestation. 


  •         Proper storage 

Proper storage is the best way to keep the pantry pests away from your kitchen. With a wide variety of storage items to choose from, you can always fight spacious and well-covered storage. Whether you choose glass, plastic, or metal storage, ensure it works for whatever you keep.


These pests are drawn to the cereals and other oats left in open places. Get rid of the empty boxes and replace them with airtight containers. Do not leave spaces as some of the pests are small and can squeeze on these spaces.


  •         Check dates 

Pantries involve both perishable and non-perishable food items. Observe the condition of all the food items you handle to ensure proper storage. For perishable items, use them as fast as you can before they can go bad. Once they go bad, they emit smells that will attract pests. Throw away the items that show any sides of spoiling.


While the non-perishable pantries can last longer, they can still attract pests. Keep them in well-aerated spaces and monitor them regularly for the presence of pests. 


  •         Inspect your packages closely 

It is no news that pests might get into your home before you even place the control measures. This comes from buying food that is already infested. If you are looking to stay pest-free, then you have to inspect the food you purchase. Look for any signs of infestation and avoid damaged packages. Also, examine the package for the expiry date and the storage instructions. 


  •         Avoid pesticides 

Pesticides are the most common pests eradication idea. However, for the pantry pests, you might want to avoid them altogether. Pesticides are toxic and can cause various complications when ingested by humans. Given the proximity of the pantry pests to food, it is wise not to use any chemicals. Also, it’s never given that all pests will die when they come into contact with pesticides. When left alive, the pest will likely transfer the chemicals to your foodstuffs. 


  •         Call for pest control professional help.

Even though most people never pay attention to pantry pests, they are more complex than they seem. Given the sensitivity of the food surrounding, not all pest control measures will work with these pests. Calling a Plymouth pest control professional remains the sure way to manage these pests safely.


Bottom Line

Keeping pantry pests away from your home is a way to avoid the irritating insects all over your kitchen. Use the above tips for a pest-free kitchen. 

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