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Wallpaper is Making a Comeback this Winter

The very mention of the word wallpaper for some homeowners has them coming out in a cold sweat. For some, it conjures up images of trying to remove it, and for others, it’s the daunting task of trying to put it up. For years now, wallpaper has had a bad reputation. Even enthusiastic designers who once extolled the virtues of pattern and design eventually declared wallpaper outdated. However in the last few years, especially with design trends changing, wallpaper is making a bit of a comeback. In fact, thanks to impressive new patterns and easy application, it’s considered cool once more.

A Quick Wallpaper History Lesson

Wallpaper stems way back beyond the beige and green swirls and wood-chip of the 1970s to the 14th Century, where historians believed that Flemish craftsmen drew colourful motifs onto paper and placed it on the wall. Wallpaper was also very popular in China as a way of not only decorating the home, but keeping out the cold drafts. In the 18th Century they also began to export hand painted designs for the European market.

Using It in Your Home in the 21st Century

Make a Focal Point: Rather than plastering whole rooms with bright and garish colours, why not try and make use of intricate patterns or bold hues and make a focal point of one feature wall?

Adding Texture: Wallpaper is great for adding texture and depth to a room, so why not make use of designs made from micro-suede, jute or glass cloth?

Jazzing-Up Small Spaces: Despite what you may think, wallpaper is great for small spaces, and provided you get the colour scheme right, intense prints work well in an interesting way, rather than appearing far too overwhelming.

Less is More: Wallpaper doesn’t have to be a floor-to-ceiling application process. Instead, consider using it on half a wall above a rail trim. Alternatively, go completely mad and use it in blocks and create your very own piece of art work. This way, you can buy a more expensive quality pattern without it costing you a small fortune.

With so many modern designs, textures, colours, and patterns on the market, like the ones online at Wallpaper Sales, wallpaper doesn’t have to be dull. In fact, you can have some real fun mixing and matching with your colour scheme. So next time you’re thinking of redecorating your property, think wallpaper.


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