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Ways to Winter-Proof Your Home

Winter tends to be a love or hate time of year for most people. Some love trudging through the snow on a crisp morning walk, whilst others despise donning extra layers and shivering as they try to keep warm. Regardless of which camp you sit in, you don’t want to be cold whilst you’re at home this winter, and there are a few steps you can take towards winter-proofing your home before the cold weather really starts to set in.

Holding On to the Heat

There’s no point blasting out the central heating unless your home is able to hold onto the heat. Draught excluders can really help with this problem, and they’re so inexpensive that even those on a budget will be able to winter-proof their home this way.If your window seals are no longer effective or your home still only has single glazing, then you might want to address this problem by contacting a window specialist like Raleigh Windows . Loft and cavity wall insulation is also a good way to maximise your home’s ability to hold onto the heat, so consider that too.

 Get Your Boiler Checked

If your radiators are colder at the bottom than they are at the top, or your boiler starts to make unusual noises, you need to get it checked out. The last thing you want is your boiler breaking down in the winter, so make sure everything’s in working order before the cold weather sets in.

Salt Bucket at the Ready

It’s a good idea to have a supply of grit at the ready in case your paths or driveway get icy over winter. This is a particularly good idea if you have small children or elderly relatives that might be more vulnerable to seriously injuring themselves should they slip and fall. If you can get hold of proper grit, then simply stocking up on cheap table salt should do the trick.

Keeping Cosy

When you’ve exhausted all other measures, simply changing duvets to a higher tog and keeping a stack of cosy blankets and throws in the airing cupboard will help to ensure that nobody in your family suffers in the cold. If you really hate being chilly, investing in an electric blanket will be the best thing you ever do, but if that’s too expensive, a few hot water bottles should do the trick when the weather gets really cold.

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