Will Carpenter Ants Damage My Furniture?

Carpenter ants are destructive insects that every homeowner should beware of. They are a widespread problem affecting millions of people globally. These pests can cause significant damage to your furniture; and can ruin your most expensive pieces even before you spot them. 


Have you noticed black ants and signs of wood shavings on the floor? Probably your home is ant-infested. Can I tell you the worst bit? Eliminating carpenter ants isn’t easy; if you don’t engage pest specialists, you may have to deal with the issue for quite some time.


How can I recognize carpenter ants?


Carpenter ants are usually larger than the typical odorous house ants. Odorous ants are common in most homes, and you can easily spot them on the kitchen floors and surfaces. They are tiny and will trail your cooking space to locate food leftovers and water spills. 


Similarly, carpenter ants are large and black. You’ll spot them crawling in your kitchen but will find them in other rooms. They are easily identifiable thanks to their big size. However, you can still confuse them with other house pests. If unsure of the type of ants, the Pointe Pest Control team advises that you contact ant professionals. They will examine and eliminate them using proper methods.


How will carpenter ants damage my furniture?


Most people mistake carpenter ants with termites. But, these two pests are different. Termites eat away your furniture and other wooden pieces like doors, window frames, and cabinets. On the other hand, carpenter ants won’t chew your furniture but will create a nesting space in the wood for reproduction. What’s more? They can infest any home and will prefer dead and damp wood.


Although you may not notice constant activity by these ants, this doesn’t mean that they are gone. Sometimes, they tend to their nests and continue to cause further damage without your noticing them. It’s then critical to eliminate them even if you spot a few ants in your home.


How can I eliminate carpenter ants and stop further furniture damage?


There are various ways to deal with carpenter ants. But, if this isn’t done properly, the colonies will restock, and the pests will continue damaging your furniture. Also, most ants are normally away from the parent colony. Spotting one colony doesn’t mean that there are no other colonies present. 


This makes it challenging to eliminate these ants, hence the need to engage professional services. Ants specialists use the right chemicals and can easily identify the breeding grounds and spray them accordingly.


To prevent another infestation, keep away any piles of wood in your compound. Trim trees and shrubs in your garden and caulk cracks in foundations. Also, store your food in lidded containers and avoid dirty dishes or leftover food in the kitchen.


What are the mistakes to avoid when dealing with carpenter ants?


There are various blunders that you can make when dealing with ants in your home. The most common one is improper identification. Carpenter ants and termites cause similar damage to wood structures, and you can easily mistake the two. This will mean improper treatment, leading to further damage. 


Another mistake is ignoring the signs of infestation. As mentioned earlier, you don’t need to see too many ants to prove their existence. Seek help immediately when you notice a few carpenter ants in your home. 


Handling the ants by yourself isn’t advisable either. Carpenter ants hide in colonies or nests created inside your wood. Therefore, you need ant specialists to eradicate them and prevent a recurrence. 


The bottom line


Carpenter ants can cause a lot of damage to your home, and it’s best to seek help from ant experts. There are also many other ant types; they won’t damage your furniture but can transmit bacteria to your food. It’s then advisable to eliminate them to ensure a healthy family.

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