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    Wallpaper is Making a Comeback this Winter

    The very mention of the word wallpaper for some homeowners has them coming out in a cold sweat. For some, it conjures up images of trying to remove it, and for others, it’s the daunting task of trying to put it up. For years now, wallpaper has had a bad reputation. Even enthusiastic designers who once extolled the virtues of pattern and design eventually declared wallpaper outdated. However in the last few years, especially with design trends changing, wallpaper is making a bit of a comeback. In fact, thanks to impressive new patterns and easy application, it’s considered cool once more. A Quick Wallpaper History Lesson Wallpaper stems way back…

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    5 Home Improvement Jobs Best Left to the Experts

    You might think you’re a DIY expert, however, with 220,000 of us turning up at hospitals with DIY-related injuries, and the risk of finishing a job sub-standard, sometimes it’s best to leave it to the experts.  Here are five good examples.   5. Wall Papering Wall papering is one of those tasks everybody thinks they can do themselves.  The reality, however, is that as with most home renovation projects, it’s best left to the experts.  Lining up the edges of wallpaper sheets is easier said than done, particularly when you’re covered in wallpaper paste and have been working for a full day. In contrast, painters and decorators will have years…

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    Five Elements Every Good Kids’ Room Should Have

      If you’re getting ready to revamp your little rug rat’s room, there are a few key elements you should incorporate. The most important thing, however, is to keep in mind kids don’t like the same things as adults, and an idea that seems fantastic to you may not give your child the same feeling of excitement. So, before you get started, talk to your child about what they have in mind and exchange a few basic ideas. Find out what colors catch their eye by going through a color palette book from your local home improvement store or looking at a color wheel. Also talk about various possible themes…

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    The Next Big Thing? – Botanical Home Interiors

    With Summer just around the corner and the weather beginning to warm up, it’s only natural that we are looking to bring the outdoors inside. The juxtaposition of calming and vibrant colours that are associated with nature make for the perfect home interior inspiration and really can bring your home to life. Adopting this trend doesn’t mean you have to do a whole home makeover, it can just be a few simple changes that make the difference. Here our my top tips for those of you who want to incorporate a botanical feel into your home: 1. Start with a neutral colour Light white, creams and beiges make for the…

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    Eco-friendly Interior Design Ideas for Girls

      Designing a feminine and eco-friendly home seems like an impossible juxtaposition. In many cases, eco-friendly designs lean toward masculine styles. Sharp angles, natural textures, and neutral colors are good for the environment, but they do not evoke romantic feelings or feel girly in any way. If you want to maintain a girly space without sacrificing eco-friendly style, try out some of the ideas below:

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    A Stylish Way to Create More Bedroom Space

    Most teenagers have been asked to tidy their bedroom at one time or another. There may be a valid excuse if the room is small with little space to move in. That needs discipline to put everything away and consign dirty clothes to the laundry basket immediately. There is never a total solution if the teenager is inclined to a little laziness, but often there is another solution that will help out. Space waiting to be found Someone with a small bedroom may have little more than what is commonly referred to as ‘a box room’ which can contain little more than the bed and a wardrobe. If there is…